Top 7 Must Have Car Accessories to Buy in 2017

1. Towing Tow Rope And Cable (Emergency Kit)

If your car is stuck in the mud or any other car needs towing like breakdown, the rope and cable emergency kit is of pivotal importance to pull it out of harm’s way. The high tension cables won’t cost you more than Rs.1,000.

2. Battery Booster Starter Jumper Cable:

If you have no clue of when the car’s battery might give in, you’re in a serious trouble as without it your vehicle is going nowhere: for instance if you have forgotten to switch off the lights and battery drained out. In such circumstances, battery booster pack and jumper cable will be the saviours of the day. The kit will range from Rs. 600 to upto Rs. 1,800.

3. Fire Extinguisher:

Fire extinguisher will come handy in case of an emergency fire. In order to avoid fire-related incidents when you’re stranded inside the cockpit following a crash, these devices can act as life savers. The fire extinguisher won’t cost you more than Rs. 500 -Rs.1000 depending on the size and volume.

4. Car Duster (Non Scratching):

Owning a car does come with having the responsibility to keep it dust free. People will judge the owner by the way he keeps his car clean even if it’s a BMW. Car dusters will be priced in the range of Rs. 600 to 1,000 normally.

5. Car Mobile Holder with Suction Cup:

To not get things messed up while driving, this is a must have item. You can put the phone on the holder and concentrate just on driving rather than looking up for a space and lose concentration from driving. Car mobile holder with suction cup doesn’t cost much either, it may differ based on your need and will cost in the region of Rs. 200 to Rs.700

6. Taser Baton / Stun Gun (Must have Car Accessories for Lady Driver):

It’s an electroshock weapon used for incapacitating a person by administering electric shock aimed at causing pain without significantly hurting the subject. It’s a safety device in case you come under physical abuse and most usable for lady driver’s self-defense. It will be available in a price bracket of Rs.500 to Rs.2000.

7. 12v Car Vacuum Cleaner:

When you’re out with friends or family, it’s inevitable that no matter how precious our car’s for us it will be littered one way or the other. Having a vacuum cleaner on board will be of much use to remove whatever unwanted stuff being put inside the vehicle. A branded Car vacuum cleaners won’t cost more than Rs. 1,500.

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